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Mary's Whimsical Stitches - Volume 3

Mary’s Whimsical Stitches Volume 3 builds on the format established in the first two books and offers additional insight. Content includes:

  • Updated and sequenced diagrams from the #whimsicalwednesday blog

  • A large cache of previously unpublished stitches from class projects and private lessons

  • Upgraded navigation insight. In addition to the broad insight provided in the intro, navigation insight is provided on select individual stitches to help a stitcher confidently manage the stitch. Navigation insight ranges from open stitch sequencing and tricks to minimize visible threads from the back of the canvas, help with complex stitches, and/or offer explanations on how to approach variations of the same stitch (as needed).

  • Seven chapters of stitches, including Balanced, Diagonal, Layered, Oblique, Small, Straight, and an all-new chapter on Pattern Stitch ideas.

  • The popular chapter and alphabetical indexes are included in Volume 3. Full coverage stitches have been called out in the indexes so they will be easier to find.